Waisttrainer is designed to complement your slimming goal, they are worn in the midsection of your body, the mechanism behind them is that they pull in your waist which as a result gives you a small waist in few weeks.

Yes, it does. When you add Waisttrainer to your workout tools and start wearing it while running, doing workout and performing other activities that burn calories Waisttrainer is also pulling in your belly and also sweating it to eventually helping you in loosing fat and weight.

Waisttrainer are not limited to people who want to make their waists small and slim, these can be worn by people who want to get rid of their back pains as well as people who want to improve their posture.

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No. You cannot return it due to hygiene purpose of reasons.

Usually it will take about 1-3 working days to get your waisttrainer delivered.